Letting go of sh*zz…….

Before every aromaZen session, I encourage participants to take a piece of paper and write down something that is bothering them or giving them angst. I tell them to put their entire feeling into writing it down and then I offer them the pot for them to burn it and release it to the Universe.

It’s a great practice and these days, I don’t even have to remind them to do it as they will generally go for the pen and paper and even burn off their piece of paper themselves. It is a very safe practice that I keep a watchful eye on, the pieces of paper are small (enough to write on but not enough to set fire to the hall!!!) and the ritual of releasing is very cathartic indeed.

I definitely find it is a great way of release and I do it often especially if something is bothering me and I definitely do it the night before the Full Moon and the night of the Dark Moon. Just seeing that negative energy being released into the Universe while it burns and knowing that the energy is being transmuted (you can’t destroy energy) is a very freeing practice. Try it and let me know how it goes for you. You can even join me on one of my Lives on facebook when I am doing my release ritual.

Happy release!!


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