Super Full Moon Eclipse in Libra

Super Full Moon Eclipse in Libra – March 2024

The last full moon was pretty amazing – the energy was palpable, lots of people told me how it affected their sleep and how jangled some felt. I was looking forward to this full moon – being in the sign of Libra and it was a Super Full Moon (meaning it was closer to the earth) AND it was an eclipse…. a LOT of intense energy was expected. Libra being the sign of relationships, harmony, balance and also influencing beauty and art.

On the night before the full moon, I did my release ritual on my page on Facebook. It is a cathartic ritual that I have been doing now for at least a couple of years and it is a simple ritual which I find helps me visualise a clearing of negative influence and energy. This one in particular was really powerful for me as it was the last Full Moon before the next New Moon which is going to be another HUGE one as it is the Super New Moon Eclipse in Aries. Aries signifies the start of the zodiac cycle and a chance to start again to work on the 12 houses in our birth chart – this way we get to work on all the 12 different aspects of ourselves through the year – and being a SUPER NEW MOON ECLIPSE it will be supercharged indeed!!!

Writing down what I want to let go of and setting it alight in the flames is a beautiful and simple ritual that I do the night before the Full Moon and the night of the Dark Moon. Just seeing that negative energy being released into the Universe while it burns and knowing that the energy is being transmuted (you can’t destroy energy) is a very freeing practice. Try it and let me know how it goes for you. You can even join me on one of my Lives on facebook when I am doing my release ritual.

Happy release and start thinking of what you would like to bring into your life with the next New Moon!!!


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