restoring inner balance



90 minutes of guided meditation using an array of vibrational energy tools to balance your chakras, embark on a meditative journey and relax into a journey of sound therapy.


Crystal Therapy

Harness the vibrational energy of crystals and sound to re-set and bring inner balance to yourself.



Discover you – what’s in your birth-chart, work with the moon and your higher self to discover you – and how to work on your intentions.

What some people say….

I completely recommend Bea

Bea’s ecclectic approach to restoring balance and healing is more than a guided meditation it is a healing journey. Bea’s multisensory approach to energetic balance uses her many skills to enable healing and restore positive energy. Thank you Bea for an amazing session which has stayed with me long after we met. It felt as though you were in the room even though we were on Zoom! I completely recommend Bea.
~ Marla

It was absolutely amazing

I had a soul coaching oracle card reading with Bea a few months ago and it was absolutely amazing.
It was emotional and calm at the same and the guidance from Bea flowed incredibly well. This reading basically confirmed what I already knew about where I currently am and what I need to do to get to where I want to be and with Bea gently guiding my thoughts. Would highly recommend!
Bea – I just wanted to let you know that doing the work with you last year has really helped me a lot
~ Susan S

Thank you Bea, you are such a blessing

I came to the reading with a situation which causes me anxiety. It is a situation which is not uncommon for me, therefore also causes frustration because I have learnt many strategies to try and lesson the anxiety however it always returns and makes me feel almost powerless in its power over me. Bea was, as always, so gentle and caring in her approach to listening. She drew three cards, and I was amazed at how pertinent they were to the situation at hand. Bea’s guidance through the cards was incredibly intuitive and supportive. I felt safe to trust the insight which came up. I feel completely at ease with the situation now, more so than I ever have before. At the end of the reading, Bea led me through a meditation, which I have been doing every day since. Thank you Bea, you are such a blessing.
~ Emma K.

If you are stressed out from work, kids or life in general I highly recommend Bea’s AromaZen

Thank you so much Bea for the amazing AromaZen experience today, I wasn’t really sure what to expect but it was extremely relaxing & nice to unwind, you certainly know what you are doing & the oils smell beautiful. I left today’s session feeling very balanced & relaxed. If you are stressed out from work, kids or life in general I highly recommend Bea’s AromaZen classes
~ Lee-Ann Helyar

Thank you so very much for this freedom in body mind and spirit

Bea thank you so much for our healing session last week. The magic you weave is incredible my shoulder and neck are still pain free…which is such a release my spirit is light and my happiness knows no bounds thank you so very much for this freedom in body mind and spirit. I feel the me that I should be, you are magnificent
~ Adele xxx

Bea is a true healer and warrior of the light who wants to aid her brothers n sisters on our journeys

I’ve had a couple healings now with Bea and its affected me deeply . Today’s was really special the combination of aromas crystals healing bowl helps me to get really present and calm . Completely stops the crazy monkey , the lowest frequency healing bowl made me vibrate and hum . To the point my consciousness slipped a bit I couldn’t feel the stones in my hands my whole body went numb i was obviously very deep into it . So much so I was a little disoriented coming out. Bea is a true healer and warrior of the light who wants to aid her brothers n sisters on our journeys Kudos
~ Sam

Highly recommend any of offerings Bea does

I’ve done a few different sessions with Bea now and always feel amazing after, so relaxed and at peace. Bea takes you on a journey either with her sound bowls, crystal healing or at an aroma zen group session. Every time is different but very rewarding. Highly recommend any of offerings Bea does.
~ Leasha

Hello, I am Bea and it’s lovely to meet you!

I am an aromaZen facilitator, Hibiscus Moon Advanced Crystal Master, Certified Moonologer™, AromaTouch Practitioner and I am finishing my courses in Soul Coaching Oracle Card reading and Applied Astrology.

I love working with the vibrational frequencies of the different modalities that I use in helping my clients restore their inner balance because when we find that sweet spot, things just all come together so sweetly.

I live on Kangaroo Island which is so beautiful, pristine and also very isolated. This means that a lot of my work is done online and I have clients from all over – USA, UK, Europe, Mainland Australia and of course some in-person clients here on Kangaroo Island too!!

Why do I use SimplyBea? Well, growing up in Malaysia with Beatrice as my first name was not easy – lots of people didn’t/couldn’t quite get it right and I ended up with all sorts of mispronunciations to my name – Bea was so much easier.. and here in Australia – try getting people to spell CHUAN correctly….. so in the end, it was just easier all round to go with ‘SimplyBea’ – do you like that?

More about my journey here…….

aromaZen – Kangaroo Island

From $55.00AUD

Per person/session

  • Monthly Group Sessions are on the 3rd Sunday of the month in Kingscote
  • Private sessions are available – conditions apply

Private 1:1 sessions (Zoom)


Per hour

  • Crystal Therapy
  • Sound Therapy
  • Guided Meditation
  • Soul Coaching Oracle Card reading
  • Birth Chart reading
  • 12 month Lunar Planning
  • Crystal Grid
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