How well do you know YOU

I have always wondered why I am the way I am and why ‘things’ happen the way they do…. I have believed all along that we do come into this world with a ‘destiny’ and that our paths are already written in the stars for us ….. yes, there is always free will, that’s why we sometimes come back to the same lesson again (it’s called Karma) until we learn it and then we are on to the next one.

Growing up, I used to want to have my palm read – that seemed to ‘be a thing’ in my day back when I was a teenager into my early 20s. I had a couple of readings and I have to admit I did get freaked out because I didn’t quite ‘feel right’ about the reading, and to date – what I had been told has not come about.

Fast forward some 40+ years and I am now reading birth chats, these seem a whole lot more accurate in telling me about the personality traits and even to some degree landmarking major life events, so I am going to stick with astrology from here on.

Just knowing the personality traits in itself is handy to some extent, as it allows us to understand why we make (or not) the decisions we do and why we behave in a certain manner. It also allows us to have compassion with others because I now know that it is very difficult to ignore the traits that we are born with. However, knowing them means we can address them and allows us to look at upcoming events to prepare us to deal better with them. I know it has helped me vastly in the last few months since I have discovered these traits in myself.

Then putting all that together and looking at the Lunar energies – oh my goodness, that is one powerhouse way of working with the Universe to work on our personal growth and intention setting. I have been doing this regularly since early 2020 and it has made such a big change in my focus and has even helped me manifest many of my wishes into y energetic space.

I first came across Yasmin Boland after my aromaZen training in August 2019. I found her diary in a store, got curious and bought it with just the last few months of the year to go…. started reading it and following her prompts and then started following her online during her FB Lives with the Full Moon and New Moon rituals. I was doing these occasionally at first but by mid 2020 I was doing them regularly and I can say that these rituals helped me keep focused and were great at helping me get rid of a lot of angst and heaviness that was in my life at the time.

The time zone differences made it difficult for me to participate in all of Yasmin’s events, so I started doing them on my own and I started to encourage others to do so as well when I saw how effective these simple but powerful rituals were in clearing out my energetic space and keeping me on track. Now, I organise sessions on Zoom ahead of the next New Moon to work on clarifying our intention for that lunation and how to bring it together so that we are working on different aspects of ourselves in relation to working towards our intention for the year ahead.

If you would like to work with the Moon with me, keep an eye on my FB events where I post the details.

Wishing you Happy Discovery


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