Hello 2023!!!

How did you start the year?

Did you set some goals, create a Vision Board, journal or……….

As a certified Moonologerâ„¢, I work with the Lunar cycles and as an Applied Astrology student I use my birth chart to work out what I should be working on for each lunation. We had a meetup on Zoom at the end of 2022 to work on our intentions for 2023 and then yesterday we met up on Zoom to work on our intention setting for the first New Moon in 2023 which will be positioning in Aquarius on January 21st/22nd (depending on your location).

It will have beautiful energies as it is a Super New Moon (meaning that the Moon will be very close to the Earth), ,and if you are sensitive to the Moon, you will certainly feel it.

I absolutely love working with the Moon and being conscious of the planetary alignments also helps. We are currently still in Mercury Retrograde and though it doesn’t normally affect me much because I am aware.. yesterday it caused quite a bit of a drama during our session.

It was a very HOT day. It was already about 25C at 9am in the morning and our Zoom session was starting at 11.30am. my ‘studio’ is currently in a caravan as I have a very interactive cat who likes to ‘participate’ which can be distracting, but as I need to be focused during these sessions, I thought I would b okay with the fans running……… and I was……. but my laptop and mouse didn’t cope at all!!! As I was about to set up the music for our chant to lead u s into the session, everything started to not work and I had to bale out. It was stressful to say the least because I didn’t want the other girls to be left hanging…. and luckily they stayed around until I could get back into the house to start again!!!

Anyway – it ended up being a good session (I hope) for us even though there was an issue with the meditation because I didn’t bring my microphone into the house with me… but they know how these sessions work, so hopefully they worked it out and they have a copy of the replay to refer to.

I am looking forward to the New Moon in Aquarius as it is also the start of the Chinese Lunar New Year – so it is definitely going to be energised with the vibrations of New Beginnings!!!

I hope that you will take some time to pause and reflect during this moment and bring to mind the intention(s) you want to set at this New Moon that will help you work towards your main intention for the next 12 months.

If you would like to join us in our next session, keep an eye out on my FB Events Page as I post the events there and it is open to everyone who wants to do the work for their own personal growth.

Sending you blessings for a. beautiful New Moon


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